About Us

It is safe to say that motor oil runs through the veins of the Peer family.

Donald Peer, Sr. built and opened the first garage in the Peer family way back in 1945. Then, when Robert Peer got out of the service in 1952, he took it over and continues to run it today.

The tradition continues with Gerald Peer and Peru Motors. Since 1995, Jerry has been providing and maintaining fine vehicles to the Jordan-Elbridge community.

Another tradition continues with Jerry and Peru Motors: the preference of General Motors vehicles. Starting with his first Chevy Vega and continuing with the classic Chevys he currently owns, Jerry has always loved GM cars and trucks.

On the practical side GM products have excellent resale value and offer readily available parts and inexpensive repairs. On the emotional side, they are the cars and trucks we all grew up with. That means something to Jerry just as it does to every one of Peru Motors loyal customers.